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Software Development

Software Development

Software is an essential part of almost all designs and systems today. Our long experience in different environments, languages, and systems enables us to create the best solutions for all needs.

We take on all or part of system, and also helps to manage projects. In many cases, we have also developed brand new features into existing systems, or made modernizations and integrations to other systems. Many customers also appreciate the ability to use us as an expert advisor and sounding board.

We work a lot in Windows, Linux and various OS for embedded systems. High-level applications are mainly developed object-oriented in Microsoft .Net/C #, C/C ++ similar languages. We also have valuable experience of older systems, such as Visual Objects, Pascal, Clipper and dBase.

Most industrial and administrative systems have also been linked to some sort of database or other storage. Learn more about it here.

Machine level programs, as in embedded systems, are usually written in C or Assembler for each processor. Our many projects have given us the experience of a variety of different processors and architectures from several manufacturers; Intel, Microchip, Hitachi, Atmel, Motorola and ARM, to mention a few.


Vi behärskar en rad verktyg och håller oss alltid uppdaterade kring vad som är nytt på marknaden. Vi använder de verktyg som är relevanta för uppgiften, exempelvis:
We are using a range of tools and are always up to date on what's new on the market. We use the tools that are relevant to the task, for example:

  • GNU:s compilers/development enviroments
  • Eclipse
  • .Net/Visual Studio
  • Subversion
  • Git
  • MindManager
  • DoxeGyn

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