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Database Design

Database Design

Database systems are present in all areas, both industrial and office, administration and medicine. We have over the years worked with various database vendors, and constructed a large number of systems for our customers.

Designing a database solution requires great experience to be successfull! In addition, it is important to utilize the features and tools available in the respective database distribution.

We have worked with both modern and older database and storage systems:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Informix SQL/Unix
  • Microsoft Access
  • Clipper
  • dBase II, III, IV
  • Flatfile and memory based system


We also works a lot with integration to existing systems. In most cases you win a lot when connecting systems. You do not need to work with manual registration, and reduces risk of errors. Often you can also get more valuable information by cross checking or connecting existing systems.

Some examples of integrations by us:

  • Booking system to Markneting sysetm
  • Booking system to CRM system
  • Booking system  E-mail system
  • Booking system to web pages
  • Gasoline pumps ti invoicing system
  • Industrial tooling machines to database systems, data Collection

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