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  • Capacitive level measurement

    Capacitive level measurement

    An accurate solution for level measurement in tanks with different content, such as jam! Measurement is made capacitively with a…

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  • Wireless temperature measurement

    Wireless temperature measurement

    Wireless transmission temperature measured at several points inside a rotating new type of motor for electric cars. Measured data is…

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  • Testing equipment, production

    Testing equipment, production

    An automated system for production test, programming and configuration of battery chargers. Communication is performed optically, because the casting disables…

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  • Bankruptcy Management

    Bankruptcy Management

    Digital Design har specialgjort konkurshanteringssystem åt tre olika försäkringsbolag i konkurs. Det har gett oss en unik inblick och förståelse…

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  • Desinfection units

    Desinfection units

    Development of new software for disinfection units for health care. The units are used to disinfect equipment, and must meet…

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  • Locomotive stopper!

    Locomotive stopper!

    Modern micro elektronics replaces old relay technology. It was a challange to handle low-level signals in this very noisy enviroment…

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  • Color changer

    Color changer

    Development of software for controlling color changer for theatrical use. C and assembly language programming. Control of DC-motors with encoders.…

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  • Laser Balancing Systems

    Laser Balancing Systems

    Laser measurement for construction sites etc. Advanced motor Control, and management of Flash and E2 memories. Advanced mechanics with temperatur…

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  • Configuration systems

    Configuration systems

    A PC based programming tool for disinfection units. Used both at setup and by field service technicians. The tool communicates…

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