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Testing equipment, production

Test equipment for production is an important part in all manufacturing companies.

Lindmark Electric AB is the market leader in advanced battery chargers for industrial and private use. The chargers are completely encapsulated in epoxy, completely waterproof and highly resistant to harsh environments.

Digital Design AB has designed an automated system for production test, programming and configuration. Communication is performed optically, because the casting disables the use of connectors. The system communicates with the charger and confirms model, serial number, etc. Then, programming of desired charging profile is done. Finally, a functional test of a large number of operating modes is executed, to ensure that the charger performs correctly, and that all parameters are within the permissible limits. Approved chargers are passed on for delivery.

The test system provides increased testability and higher throughput in production. It also opens for logging of all data, and full history of delivered individual chagers.

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