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To me, the partnership with Digital Design means security and knowledge. They are flexible and solves problems, and make suggestions for improvements.

//Fredrik Brorson
HSB Stockholm

We have worked with Digital Design for over eight years, and have always been very pleased with their effort. They are nice, fast and very good at what they do.

//Niklas Rankov
CTO, Netigate AB

Niklas Rankov, Market leader in web surveys

Magnus Aldrin at Digital Design has worked with Företagsuniversitetet since 1989.
He has developed two generations of our booking and business systems with sophisticated links to web, marketing systems and external portals. Magnus has a very good understanding of the business, can listen to and assess needs and create solutions that not only has been functional and stable, but also has helped to develop our company business and activities.

//Carleric Thapper
Företagsuniversitetet AB

Carleric Thapper, Well known Education company

I have been a customer of Digital Design for 15 years. A partnership that I have always appreciated and enjoyed working with. Their work is characterized by quality and high sense of service. I especially appreciate all the times we talked on the phone about something wrong and before the phone call ended a solution to the problem has been commissioned and completed.

//Pär Eriksson

Pär Eriksson, Senior DBA