Good Start

Smart & Simple

Digital Design AB creates technically perfect solutions, and focuses communication on customer needes .
You have the need - we have the solution!

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Perfect Choice

Digital Design AB works with comprehensive solutions with hardware and software.
We give you a complete solution!

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Creative Ideas

Digital Design AB have developed numerous unique customer solutions for embedded systems, as well as database management, administrative and technical systems.

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Software Development

We have deep technical knowledge in several areas of software, and have over the years created numerous custom solutions for our clients.

Hardware & Embedded

Electronics and embedded system is one of our main areas. We have developed many different systems of varying complexity in most areas.

Database Design

Most systems today include some kind of database solution. We have extensive experience in both industrial, administrative and financial systems.

Project Management

Our consultants works in Projects, both as participants and leaders. We are used to agile methods, such as Scrum. We are also Certified Scrum Masters.

Consultant Profiles

We own and runs Digital Design AB since 1992!

Interesting assignments, long-term customer relationships and a great interest in technologies means that we still think it's fun, interesting and stimulating to find solutions to all the different needs that arise.

Over the years, we have seen everything from level measurement in jam tanks, via locomotive stoppers and database systems, satellite communications, CAN buses, and a whole lot more more. We have a very broad experience in embedded systems, electronics, and database systems.
Moreover, a good knowledge in mechanics and economy, which is a great advantage to us!

All this means that we pride ourselves Technical Consultants.

  • Magnus Aldrin

    Magnus Aldrin arbetar mycket med systemering, design, projektledning och konstruktion. Största intressena är databasdesign, objekt-orienterad systemering och programmering, samt elektronikkonstruktion. Magnus arbetar även som teknisk projektledare med agila...

  • Jonas Larby

    Jonas arbetar mycket med teknisk programmering, ofta mycket hårdvarunära. Han arbetar även som teknisk projektledare med agila metoder, t.ex Scrum. Konsultprofil Jonas har stor kompetens inom följande områden:...